Esmark Steel Group

Esmark Steel Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Esmark, Inc., is one of the United States’ leading processors and distributors of value-added flat-rolled steel and the third-largest U.S. producer of tin plate steel. We offer the products, services and innovations to help our customers gain and sustain the competitive edge in their industries.


James P. Bouchard, CEO, Esmark

Interview with James P. Bouchard on CNBC:
Steel oversupply devastating for small business: CEO
Esmark’s founder, chairman, and CEO, James Bouchard says there’s no doubt that China was guilty of dumping steel.


Esmark Edge

The Esmark Edge is a complete organizational approach to identifying creative solutions.


Laser Flat Sheets

Now Producing Laser Flat Sheets!

To better meet our customers’ growing requirements for panel flat sheets used in manufacturing, fabricating, burning, and cutting, Esmark Steel Group has installed Bradbury Company’s revolutionary e-Drive® leveling technology.